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At Thrive Restaurant Group, we're more than just dining destinations; we're a vibrant community hub where exceptional food meets meaningful connections. We believe that everybody matters, wants to make a difference, and that the experience of work can enrich people and contribute to their flourishing in life. That belief is embodied in our invitation and lived out in our values and mindsets.

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Make a positive difference.

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Home Office Opportunities

Thrive Restaurant Group is headquartered in Wichita, KS nestled in the heartland of America. The city has long served as an innovative hub for the hospitality industry from our early days in Pizza Hut to numerous national brands making their humble beginnings in Wichita. And now you can be a part of the next generation of creators and innovators by joining Thrive as one of the largest and fastest growing restaurant companies in the country. From technological innovations like Nigel to emerging brands like HomeGrown to our 25 year partnership with Applebee’s there are opportunities for you to make a difference. We have a primary headquarters in Kansas with hubs focused on specific brands/ operations in cities across the country. Think you could help make the world a better place? Shoot us a note. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Restaurant Opportunities

We don’t have a big vision or purpose statement, just an invitation: We invite you to make a difference.

Our goal is for you to be better off for your time with us and we want to be better because of you (whether we’re a temporary stop or a place you want to build a career). We want you to feel energized coming to and leaving work to develop your leadership skills, and to build confidence in yourself so you can move closer to your career goals, financial goals, and relational goals. We hope to instill in you a love for hospitality and better understanding of leadership, business and restaurants. At Thrive Restaurant Group we act like family and play like a team.

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Our Values

Committed to our values, no matter what.


Respect is the basic notion that everybody is somebody — not a function, cog, or disposable. Each and every person matters. We show respect when anticipate needs and meet them, when we ask questions, when we give feedback and recognition, and when we see and develop the potential in ourselves and others.


The Results we’re after are Flourishing People and Thriving Businesses. We view those as mutually inclusive. A thriving business is the best way to help people flourish. And flourishing people are how we want to create a thriving business. To get results like that, we need you to bring your best ideas to work, your personality, your positivity, your eagerness, and your hopefulness. We want you to make things better.


Relationships are foundational to our well being as humans. We were built for connection. Those with healthy relationships are happier, more engaged and more productive, not just at work but in their personal lives as well. To promote healthy relationships we approach everyone from a place of trust, we strive to be excellent to each other, we give and ask for forgiveness, and we keep short accounts. We want you, in all areas of your life, to be better off for your time with us — relationships included.

Our Stories

Kelly Taylor, Team Member since 1993

Starting as a Carlos O’Kelly’s server at 20 and
working her way up to the first female district manager in the company, Kelly has continued to
push within Thrive, leading to the current job she got to create herself. She has stuck with
Thrive through many changes, restructurings, and even the struggles of COVID because she
trusted her leaders and knew she would be trusted and celebrated for her accomplishments. As
she puts it, “If you are someone who really appreciates culture and having the encouragement
to really care for people, Thrive is the place for you.”

Mark Androes, Team Member since 2021

“In a company with over 200 restaurants and
thousands of employees, the CEO, CFO, and COO know my name, my family, and take real
interest in my life. It's real and sincere care throughout the company.” Since being at Thrive,
Mark has seen the company triple in size, and he is proud to work for a company that maintains
integrity and a strong team focus. He continues, “We all have a common goal, and that is to
succeed as a group.”

Caleb Dykes, Team Member since 2023

In his short time at Thrive thus far, Caleb has seen a
family-oriented culture that has trusted him to give valuable input into processes, most important
to him being the Off-Premise AIP. He expresses, “Anytime a person changes jobs, there is
always a sense of discomfort or anxiety associated with it, but I have no regrets in my decision
to join the Thrive family. The care for each other and the community is permeated through every
level of the organization and I am excited to see how we continue to grow and evolve as an

Jenny Williams, Team Member since 2022

Jenny came to Thrive through one of the
acquisitions, and she has stayed because she sees it as a place where your voice is heard,
your strengths are valued and your contributions are recognized. She describes her experience
with the company as “life-giving” and “thoughtful,” adding that “at Thrive, you're extended an
invitation to 'make a difference' - and they mean it. While the nature of your work is framed for
you, how you bring it to life is truly up to you. I have been energized by the challenge and have
experienced growth because of it.”
Family Fund

Taking Care of One Another

The Family Fund was created to support Thrive team members and their families when they are faced with unexpected challenges. The Fund is entirely employee-funded, with more than 75% of our team members participating. The Family Fund is governed by a board of employees who are non-owners of Thrive Restaurant Group.

We have given over $900,000 to our team members when disaster strikes! The fund has also covered the lost wages for a single parent when they had to spend a month with their infant son at a regional cancer hospital. It has replaced clothes, toys, and food for families who have their homes destroyed by floods or fire. It has also helped family members flee abusive situations.

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