What is the meaning of work?

Roy Bahat is fascinated with the future of work. His company invests in AI technology to help work get done more efficiently. A few years ago, he was reading headlines that heralded AI as the force that would set adrift millions of workers and reduce human contribution at work to something less than meaningful. He got worried so he decided to learn. Over the past couple years, Roy has set out to understand what motivates people and why we work.

Below is a link to an interview conducted by Bryn Freedman, where Roy shares some of his learnings. It’s 10 minutes and worth your time and consideration.

A couple take-a-ways. We work for stability and dignity. Dignity looks like helping and being connected to others and a sense of being wanted and needed.

TED Salon | What is the meaning of work?

Technology and AI will continue to disrupt work as we know it. Maybe that disruption will give us a chance to create more value by doing what we as humans do best β€” connect and serve.

Ryan Bond