Trust: earned or given?

I love Charles Feltman’s definition of trust in The Thin Book of Trust, “Trust is choosing to risk making something I value vulnerable to another person’s actions.”

Trust is evidenced by our behaviors. And trust, like many things, exists on a spectrum — it isn’t an all-or-nothing.

Think about what happens every day in organizations worldwide: people show up (both customers and employees). That reality is a result of deliberate choice. Some people show up hesitantly, not knowing what to expect, and others show up confidently, knowing exactly what lies ahead. But they both show up.

Showing up = Trust… trust that what I’m choosing to risk by being here (self-worth, money, effort, reputation, time, affiliation, other options, etc.) has the potential to become more valuable in someone else’s care.

What about your business?

What you do with the trust you’re given matters. You get to decide whether it’s earned or lost.


Ryan Bond