Jon Rolph | President/CEO Thrive Restaurant Group | @ Start-up Grind Wichita

On January 10th, 2019, Jon Rolph shared his story, perspectives and aspirations with Christina Long at the Wichita Start-up Grind.

In this talk you’ll experience Jon’s heart for creating healthy relationships so that the human spirit can flourish and families, organizations and communities can thrive. From forgiveness to failure, to letting go of what others think and becoming aware of who you want to be, Jon speaks to the often underrated power that vulnerability, connectedness, and humility can have in transforming our lives and relationships - both at work and at home.

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Below is time / topical outline of the video with a quote or two from each segment

0:00 - Introduction

1:44 - Lessons from Growing Up

“Your paradigm of the world is shaped by those you surround yourself with - both positively and negatively.”

3:20 - Family Legacy in Restaurants

“The business was always around us, but it was never the center of life.”

“The greatest gift my parents gave me was the knowledge that I was loved and accepted.”

5:46 - Industry + Timing + Getting Better = A Chance at Success

“The key to bringing something to life if commitment, hard work, the humility to fail fast and learn, listen to the marketplace and always look and be open for how to get better everyday — and, being well capitalized helps.”

8:46 - Jon’s Journey into the Family Business

“I just wanted to be friends with my dad, and learn a little business along the way.”

12:40 - The Relationship Between Father and Son in Business

“I’ve seen a lot of father’s and son’s lose their relationship to protect the business, we wanted to do it differently.”

“Relationships don’t usually fall apart because of one big act, they fall apart because of a bunch of little things that add up, that go unspoken and unresolved.”

14:55 - Creating Culture

“My Dad and Uncle didn’t specifically talk about culture very much, our culture developed because of who they were over time.”

16:45 - Where to Lead?

“We think that life is about finding the right answers, but most of life is really about finding the right questions”

23:26 - Leading in Hard Times and by Hard Decisions

“I stayed awake at night wondering if my story was going to be that of the kid who moved back and destroyed the family business.”

26:55 - The Invitation of Thrive Restaurant Group

“Businesses come and go, concepts come and go, what lasts are people.”

“The invitation of Thrive Restaurant Group is to make a difference…are people better today because I was here?”

31:11 - Announcing Nigel Point-of-Sale Technology

“This is a great Wichita story, and if it’s successful it will be an even better one.”

34:32 - Rhythm and Boundaries vs. Balance

“The biggest impact I’ll have in life is the 5 kids we are raising, not through the business, not through anything else that we are doing - so how do I keep that my priority?”

“You can drive yourself crazy chasing balance - we talk a lot about boundaries and rhythms”


37:40 - What do you see for Wichita and how do you see your role in it?

“The invitation to Wichita is to believe in itself.”

42:21 - What have you learned about yourself from your grind?

“There is nothing more valuable than the condition of my heart because it impacts every present moment I have -- what kind of father, leader, husband, friend, son am I being and that I want to become?”

46:50 - What’s the plan for 2019?

49:10 - What’s your favorite restaurant?

50:24 - What can WSU do to help Thrive be successful?

51:44 - What is your favorite book on personal growth?

53:00 - What strategic practices/processes do you use in your business?

54:37 - How do you make the most of the time you spend with your family?

56:54 - What’s your word for the year?

Ryan Bond